What's a Con From Home

COVID-19 has induced a quarantine causing the cancellation of multiple fan conventions around the world; leaving labor open, guest schedules open, and fans thirsting for content.

We’re trying to make it as social as possible and grassroots. This is not a for-profit effort.

Social distancing doesn’t have to negate social interaction with multiple tracks, guests, and cosplay related content with a focus on social type content.

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Panels, Workshops, and Musical Acts

Calling all podcasters, cosplay influencers, geek businesses, and other content producers; can you stream a panel? Send us your panel submissions so we can get you on the schedule!

Artists and Vendors

Calling all artist and vendors, ConFromHome needs you! If you are hurting from con cancellations, we'd love to have you. Please apply here! (Don't worry, it's absolutely free)

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Mixer Stream testing until 03/28, come say hi!

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