Con From Home is a virtual, interactive fan convention. We will be live streaming panelists and guests on the main Con From Home Mixer here.

All things CFH can be found on the website, including a link to our Mixer, con rooms, schedule, and convention guests.

You can watch the main CFH Mixer stream at on March 28-29.

To participate, you can chat with us on Mixer with a Mixer account.

You can also join our “con lobby” to join the con discussion. We will be streaming audience members onto our live stream for Q&A (through Zoom) - just like a real panel. So, come hang out in the con lobby, show us your best cosplays, and check out the who’s who of ConFromHome! A link to Zoom will be provided closer to the convention dates.

FREE! We are volunteers. It is free to attendees and panelists. The flip side is we cannot pay guests. We’ve gotten enough interest in spite of it to put up some quality content so far.

Right now we are testing Mixer and have pretty much settled on it. We can bring in other feeds with pretty good quality from any source and retransmit through it with little latency. We are going to put out a guide and work directly with content creators to ensure we have a good feed and interactivity.

If you are a content creator or panelist, we will reach out to you with specific details on the platform.

Information on submitting a panel and/or vendor/artist booth can be found here.

We will be facilitating a virtual vendor hall and artists alley. Information on submitting a panel and/or vendor/artist booth can be found here.

Our timeline currently has us officially soliciting for panelists until 22 March. We are currently forming the schedule and reaching out to presenters.

Submissions after the deadline will be added only with the consent of the scheduled panelists, outside the planned hours, and/or as a replacement for those that drop.

If you have accessibility needs, please contact us at [email protected], and we will work with you on any accommodations needed.